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Every wedding is truly unique and special to each couple. Amy Varain Weddings understands you don't plan a wedding every day...but we do! We love wedding planning and using our expertise to guide our couples to create the wedding they've always imagined. Most weddings fall into one of two categories; full service wedding planning and wedding management. Full Service offers guidance from day one in choosing the perfect vendors, decor, design etc. to bring your vision to life. We will be there by your side from start to finish, available for all your pre-planning needs, assistance and advice. Now, if your more that organized person that is excited to get the planning started and are comfortable finding your own vendors and putting the overall design and decor together then I would recommend skipping the full service and choosing our wedding management package. You will do the pre-planning and we will come in at just the right time to put all the pieces together to create the wedding of your dreams, without all the stress! See our packages below and let's discuss which one would be best for you!


These are not complete lists, they are just a portion of the tasks we can take care of for you.




services prior to your wedding: 


  • Free initial consultation

  • Consultations via skype or phone to go over wedding details (i.e.) Design, décor, timelines, vendors, budget,etc.

  • Access to Aisle Planner Planning tools

  • Assist with Budget analysis and management 

  • Schedule vendor visits and attend visits as needed

  • Venue visits for ceremony and reception 

  • Assist with Innovative and creative event design 

  • Vendor recommendations and bookings 

  • Wedding day etiquette & advice 

  • Assist with hiring professional vendors 

  • Unlimited email and scheduled phone calls

  • Assist with site design and layout 

  • Assist with Lighting design 

  • Assist with specialty linens and furniture design 

  • Assist Booking Music and entertainment, including sound and audio visual 

  • Management of vendor contracts  

  • Provide Wedding Party Emergency kits

  • Recommendation for liability insurance required by venue 

  • Assist with Gift baskets, welcome bags and favors as requested 

  • Assist with Invitations, signage and print design as requested 

  • Assist with making apt for hair and make up as requested 

  • Assist with arranging Guest transportation as requested 

  • Assistance with travel, activities and accommodations upon request 


PLUS all services in our Wedding Management package below




This is what we do best! Even if you’ve checked everything off your planning list, the execution of your wedding is where a Wedding Manager is a necessity so that everyone, especially you, the bride & groom, can relax and enjoy the most precious moments you’ve been working toward. We understand that you don't plan a wedding everyday but we do... and are here to guide you with our expertise and love of wedding planning throughout the process! We give you the tools to be successful and just when the planning starts to heat up we start to de-stress you about 60 days before your wedding by learning everything we can about your wedding and filling in the gaps. When your wedding day arrives, we will execute all your ideas/wedding plans and oversee all the details while you sit back, relax and get ready for your ceremony. We will gracefully organize the event so you can relax and enjoy it like a guest at your own event. We can't imagine a wedding without one! 




services from signing of contract:


  • Unlimited email access to me from the day you sign the contract. I am available as your wedding expert while you plan step by step thru phase 1, 2 and 3. 

  • I use a client management system called Aisle planner and give you access to this organization system from day 1 that keeps everything organized and all in one place and has all the tools you need to get you from now to your wedding day.

  • Provide 3 phase planning: and give you all the steps to get thru each stage: phase 1: creative vendor team, phase 2: design and phase 3: logistics.

  • Access to Preferred Vendor list and various other planning notes to assist you in your planning process in Aisle planner.


services 60 days prior to your wedding:


  • Two Months before your wedding we talk via skype to review phase 1 & 2 and work together on phase 3! All your pre-wedding planning details (i.e.) Design, décor, vendors, budget, etc. We will gather all information and begin putting all the logistics together into the wedding of your dreams. We have the expertise to bring it all to life and make sure no detail was missed! (Two hour meeting)

  • One Month before we talk via Skype to discuss the design of your ceremony and reception layout to make sure everything is perfect. We will schedule a followup meeting as needed to learn everything about your event and de-stress you. (One to Two hour meeting)

  • Review all your vendor contracts with a fine tooth comb to make sure I know everything we are expecting of your vendors and any special needs or rules we should know.  My job is to make sure they adhere to their contracts and you get what you expected from each vendor. 

  • Guidance for those giving Wedding Toasts, no embarrassing speeches.

  • Assistance to non-professional Officiants before the wedding with ceremony writing & organization and making sure your marriage is official at the end of the day!

  • Main contact to your vendors leading up to wedding and day of so you can enjoy your day. 

  • 1 Wedding & Reception Venue Visit - final walk thru (destination weddings final walk thru will take place on the rehearsal day)

  • Wedding advice / recommendations / suggestions (i.e. creative ideas, budget, etiquette, etc.)

  • And last but not least, most of all I work for you, not the venue or a vendor.  Which means I am there to make sure everything you planned for your wedding goes off without a hitch all the while you are relaxing and enjoying your wedding stress free like a VIP guest should be!  And the best part your family will also feel like VIP guests too since they don’t have to worry about any of the wedding details the day of as well! 


services on your rehearsal day: (up to 1 hour) 


  • Management of your ceremony rehearsal where I will work with you and your wedding party and parents and make sure everyone knows what to expect the day of and make sure you get down the aisle like a rock star. 

  • Reserved named seating cards for the first 2 rows of your ceremony so your immediate family and special guests have the best seats in the house. 

  • I provide you, your parents and your bridal party a personal printed timeline of the wedding day at the ceremony rehearsal to make sure everyone knows where to be and when.  I also let them know I will be their main contact the day of your wedding and to come to me with questions and needs as you are VIP guests and off duty at your wedding.


services on the day of your wedding: (up to 12 hours)


  • Emergency kits in your getting ready suites the day of your wedding so we have a solution for anything thrown our way.

  • You will never go thirsty or hungry at your wedding.  I always make sure you have a drink in hand (and are drinking lots of water) and have food to go at the end of the night cause you will be hungry after this marathon! 

  • I will be the first vendor to arrive to receive deliveries and greet vendors.

  • I will be the last vendor to leave to make sure all cleanup is to venue standards.

  • Oversee all vendor commitments and make sure they are fulfilled to contract and your standards.

  • Manage flow and timing of events throughout the day based on pre-set timeline, adjust as needed.

  • Oversee setup and breakdown and assist with final details of approved decorations.

  • Ensure proper placement of escort cards.

  • Assist photographer in rounding up family members & make sure you get all the photos taken that you requested and that no special moment is missed throughout the day.

  • Cuing of musicians and annoucements for all events, processional, first dance, etc.

  • Lining up, cuing wedding party and getting you down the aisle on time like a rockstar!

  • Making sure all reception finishing touches are in place before guests arrive.

  • Make sure all candles are lit and stay lit during the event.

  • Answering and attending to wedding party, family members and guests questions and concerns so you don't have to! I will keep an eye out for any wedding crashers too!

  • Ensure that anyone with special dietary requests are followed through correctly.

  • Continually communicating with Chef/Caterer and all other vendors on your wedding day.

  • Distribute payment/gratuities to your stellar vendors, if due on wedding day.

  • Keeping track and assist with organizing and packing up gifts, cards and any special items for you at the end of the evening (cameras, toasting glasses, cake servers, guest book/pen, etc. and turnover to designated person).

  • Assist in loading gifts into the proper vehicle.

  • Be there by your side, ready and available for any and all emergencies.

  • Being your eyes and ears throughout the day so you can enjoy the moment like a guest with no stress.

  • Extra a la carte services can be added for extra charge such as decoration and site setup, decoration and site breakdown.


overtime rate: 


The Wedding Management service starts from the day you sign the contract with unlimited email and the additional benefits above. Then the service kicks into high gear 60 days before your wedding date. This package includes two (2) 2-hour phone appointments before your wedding to get all the wedding details ironed out. It also includes unlimited email communications regarding your wedding planning as needed from the moment you sign a contract for services. One (1) Venue walk-thru for one (1) hour (if it's a destination wedding the Venue walk-thru will take place on the same day as the rehearsal day). One (1) hour for the rehearsal day and up to Twelve (12) hours on the day of the wedding. Additional time will be billed per out cost summary.


add-on planning & wedding services:


Amy Varain can be obtained as your event consultant for more A La Carte services or consulting as needed. Inquire for pricing. Any additional costs incurred to execute your requests such as postage, film developing, materials, etc. will be reimbursable to Amy Varain. In addition, Amy Varain will keep records of all time spent on phone calls and meetings on your behalf. A statement of such record can be sent to your attention at any time during the planning process.


Larger events / 2 locations / logistically challenging events: 


For larger events and 2 locations, a wedding coordinator assistant is required. And If logistically needed, assistants will be added accordingly as well. Our custom quote will let you know the number of assistants included. However, if an additional assistant is needed or an assistant is requested they will be billed according to our cost summary


travel fees / remote locations / other island locations:


All wedding packages for areas more than 40 miles from El Dorado Hills, (such as Tahoe) remote locations or islands other than Maui will have added costs for travel (hotel/car) and time. Please inquire for pricing and more information.


other A La Carte wedding services: not included in service above, please inquire for prices


  • Decoration/site setup and Decoration/site breakdown

  • Decoration/site setup when Wedding and Ceremony are at two locations

  • Rehearsal Dinner planning and coordination

  • Rehearsal Dinner decoration packages

  • Bachelorette / Bachelor Party planning and coordination

  • Day–after brunch planning

  • Snacks and food for bridal party on wedding day

  • Wedding Party emergency kits 

  • Bridal party gifts and parent gifts

  • Planning and Coordination of single day, pre-wedding event for guests (i.e. wine tasting, golfing, etc.)• Adding on other vendor services to your event


free consultation:


To receive your custom quote for services, a free consultation with Amy Varain Weddings is required to discuss your event and what expectations each party has of one another. When agreed by both parties to move forward, a contract with details will be sent to you for review and signature. Your event is important to both of us and communication is key to the design, planning and management process. A signed contract and deposit is required for Amy Varain Weddings to hold your event date and perform services outlined in your package.




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