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I was lucky enough to find Amy through our wedding photographer. She highly recommended that I contact Amy as she had worked with her on several weddings and was the best wedding planner she had ever worked with. And I am so glad we did. From our first phone conversation Amy made us feel so comfortable and gave us confidence in our wedding planning process. She was very organized and always prepared ahead of time for our phone meetings so every time we talked we accomplished so much! She asked us questions that we didn’t even think about and put all the pieces together beautifully in a very detailed timeline. We came out of every meeting so refreshed and excited. Amy knew every detail about our wedding day and was there to make sure it all came together. I can’t even imagine how I could have had a wedding without her! I didn’t even have time to worry on my wedding day. Amy was in contact with all my vendors and made sure everything was setup as planned, she checked in with me often while I was getting ready keeping me in the loop and making sure I was relaxed and enjoying every moment. It was the best surprise to experience my wedding vision from a guests perspective as I didn’t see the ceremony or reception areas until I walked in with my guests. Amy was so attentive to details and even thought of things before I could think of them. She was always there when we needed her throughout the night letting us enjoy the moment yet keeping the wedding moving forward with our timeline so nothing was missed. She even tended to my parents and family to make sure they had everything they needed and truly took on the hostess role so everyone could enjoy the night. Amy is amazing at what she does and you can tell she truly cares about her clients and loves what she does. We would highly recommend her to everyone we know and hope to work with her again one day! 




Amy was awesome! My fiancé (at the time) was left in the dark by the coordinator she used to help book venues for our wedding ceremony. She decided to look for help and found Amy. Amy helped my wife take control of her wedding and gave her options she never knew she had. She provided details, advice, great communication, but most of all she provided us with peace of mind. We wish we would have found her from the start... Thank you Amy!! (Gabriel S - Groom 9.26.2019)

Kelly S.



Bride in rain

Wow! There are no words. Amy was exceptional to work with and exactly what I was looking for in a wedding coordinator! She went above and beyond. I was having a very hard time with another coordinator I was working with due to lack of communication. Needless to say, I was feeling defeated and super stressed. Luckily, I found Amy through another bride who had worked with her. Literally, the best decision I made for my wedding was choosing Amy as my coordinator. She swooped in and made my wedding a breeze. It rained right before my wedding (luckily cleared up for my ceremony), but Amy was so sweet and calming and that energy was contagious. I stressed a little at the reception, but Amy gave me a Mai Tai (haha) and made me feel like a special guest at my wedding. I could go on & on about how great my experience was with Amy, but the bottom line is .. she’s exceptional at her job. Book her for your wedding!




While I am an organized person that likes to plan parties I had no idea where to start with my wedding. Amy was absolutely wonderful! She brought so much knowledge and asked us questions that we didn’t know we should be thinking about and guided us through all of the steps with our vendors as we planned our wedding. She organized everything into a detailed and smooth timeline. I didn't have to worry about any of the details because I knew that Amy had it under control, and being a self confessed control freak, this was a rare and welcome experience for me. It was great experience, she is like the Mary Poppins of weddings, practically perfect in every way! My whole family and I will be recommending her to everyone we know!

Jen L.



I couldn't have asked for a more magical day and I have Amy to thank for that! Her attention to detail is unparalleled and put this worry-wart to ease. She did a wonderful job creating a smooth and seamless event so my bridal party and I could really be present in the moment. From vision to fruition, Amy's knowledge and creativity brought our event to life! I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends and family!! 




If there were more stars- I would give her them. Amy was an absolute godsend. 6 weeks before our wedding I had an unfortunate accident and broke my back. Two weeks before our wedding my appendix ruptured and I was in hospital. By the time I had woken up from emergency surgery, my angel fiancé and maid of honor had hired Amy and it was the best thing that happened to our wedding! I wish we had hired her for the whole process because she genuinely alleviated any and all stress from our planning, our week, and day of. She was kind, thoughtful, meticulous in detail in ways I never even thought necessary, and just a beautiful soul all around. She knew everything we needed before we needed it, she rocked my nephew to sleep so my sister in law could use the restroom- she’s the Mary Poppins of weddings and I can’t recommend her enough. Amy- thank you for being the rock we needed in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I wish we had some gesture to show you how much it all meant to us- our families included!


Maid of Honor


Amy is amazing at what she does, and I 100000% recommend her to anyone planning a wedding! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to her. She stepped in at the last minute (please do not ask her to do that if you can help it, these were extenuating circumstances!) and helped ensure that my friend's wedding was a success. Don't make the mistake of thinking that there isn't much for her to do. After our first conference call during which she brought up a bunch of things we'd never thought about, we knew we were lucky to have her on board. Despite squeezing 2 months of work into a week and a half, she gave the couple the same attention as someone she'd been working with for awhile, and went above and beyond the call of duty. I can honestly say that she made the difference between the day being a great memory vs. a day full of surprise disasters. I was able to breathe so much easier knowing that she had it covered. I would hire Amy again in a heartbeat and I hopefully will be able to - but next time, it will be way earlier! 

Ms. Lisa

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Montessori School end of the year party


When hiring Amy, you’ve hired the BEST. She takes the time to absorb your dream .... she then makes it come true. She is very punctual, creative, and cost effective . Your dreams become her visions, which become reality ! Great choice when you choose Amy. 




If I could give Amy Varain Weddings and Events a trillion stars out of 5, I would.  I absolutely recommend Amy to anyone planning a wedding or any kind of event, big or small.  I found Amy on the, spoke with 3 different planners, and decided to choose Amy because she told me any budget was possible and that it’s just about setting your 3 top priorities and focusing on those, getting creative with the others.  She seemed flexible and like a great listener of my goals and vision.  After working closely with Amy for 8 months in planning and having just hosted the most incredible 200 person wedding at my family residence this month, I know now she is all of that and way more.  She is energetic, fun, kind, and can think of several solutions on the spot to any dilemma.  She really knows event-planning but let’s the client do the driving.  She’s a great teacher and guided me through everything.  I knew exactly what to expect and didn’t have to stress at all, what a true gift.  She catered to guests of every age: my elderly family members as well as the dozens of babies and toddlers and families, keeping everyone comfortable, safe, and providing activities for everyone- even swooping in and handing a cup of popcorn to a crying toddler during speeches and making their day.  She did this in the same manner that she catered to each of my brothers, fiancé, and parents’ concerns during the planning process.  She met each of our unique needs and removed all worry.  She is responsive, organized, extremely professional and knowledgeable.  She saved us a lot of money during the process and her critical “outside the box” thinking was helpful on so many decisions.  She’s also an excellent day-of coordinator- it seemed like she was in four places at once on the wedding day, yet with grace and a smile.  It was a logistically complicated wedding with numerous vendors, a different location on the same site for parking, ceremony, cocktails, and reception.  There was a shuttle system going to and from the hotel 20 minutes away. Yet despite all of that she directed everything to perfection and we had so many guests comment on how amazing and perfect the wedding was, the best wedding they’d ever been to. Amy is phenomenal and there is no better planner or coordinator, and I know I speak for my entire family, every guest, and every vendor she worked with for us.  Amy was born for this job and we are fortunate to have found her and now have memories to last a lifetime.  She made our wildest dreams possible and there is truly nothing she can’t accomplish!  This is why I give Amy all the stars in the sky out of 5. 




I have so many great things to say about Amy. I'll start by sharing a little bit about me. I have autoimmune disease and high anxiety. When I first started to plan our Wedding, I knew right away that I was going to hire a day of coordinator because I was already worried about how the big day was going to play out exactly how I wished it would. And yes, I am Type A personality. So, finding the right Wedding Planner for me was very important. Then I found Amy. During our first phone call, one of the first things she mentioned was that she understood my health issues and has had experience working with someone with similar ones. Right then I knew I was hiring her. From the start Amy made me feel comfortable and eased - which helped me trust that she was going to be amazing. Every step of the way, she was reassuring about the day of and made sure I was doing ok physically and mentally. On our big day I was SO anxious. But there she was, talking me thru it, reminding me to eat, making sure I was hydrated, and easing every worry on my crazy mind. Amy took everything I planned, envisioned, and hoped for, and brought it all to life more perfectly then I imagined. Our Wedding happened flawlessly, and looked incredible. All the while, my husband and I were overjoyed and focused on enjoying our day celebrating with our friends and family, carefree. Thank you Amy, for all you did for me... and for us, to make or dream Wedding a reality.




I am a bride from San Diego, CA and recently just had my destination wedding on June 21, 2018 in Maui. I decided to hire Amy Varain as my day-of wedding coordinator and words cannot describe how grateful I am for Amy and her wedding planning assistance. She went way beyond my expectations and provided to me so much more than what is typically expected from a day-of coordinator.  
When speaking with Amy for the first time via FaceTime, she already had done her research and knew about me and my early ideas for wedding planning. She had questions about my ideas and really made me feel comfortable talking to her and I was engaged and excited to work with her. We chatted on FaceTime over 45 minutes, and the time flew by because she was so prepared and well organized. I had interviewed other day-of coordinators and my conversations with those coordinators were just awkward and the discussions were not more than a forced 7 minutes or so. That’s how I knew my comfort with Amy and working with her would be a wise choice.  
Even though I hired Amy as just a day-of coordinator, she prepared multiple FaceTimes for at least one to two hours a few months before the wedding, just to understand and prepare the schedule for the day of the wedding. She was incredibly organized and prepared, and no time was wasted or rushed during these FaceTimes. She listened thoroughly to my visions and made sure she clearly understood what I had in mind, that way she would be able to make my dream wedding come to life. Also, she was so quick with her responses to emails, that it made communication with her very easy. One thing that I loved about planning with Amy was her precision to detail. She had a very in depth time schedule laid out that was color coordinated with items that pertained to certain aspects of the wedding. She made sure to have all the contact information of the vendors and she had the information of people in my family that she could contact in case of questions during the wedding so she wouldn’t have to interrupt my husband, our parents, or myself. Lastly, she was so friendly in allowing us to send items to her house that we wouldn’t be allowed to carry on to the plane. She housed those items until the day of the wedding!  
When we got out to the island, she was so kind to meet up with us multiple times to talk with vendors, finalize wedding plans, and understand the regulations of the venue. She contacted vendors that were being difficult and really made me feel at ease because the stress was off of my shoulders. Prior to our wedding rehearsal at a Catholic Church, which Amy attended, she did her research so she would understand the rules of the church and be respectful as to the Church’s wishes. After the rehearsal, she passed out individualized schedules for every member of the wedding party along with times as to when we should start and begin different things during the day of the wedding.
On the day of the wedding, she made sure we followed along on the schedule, but she didn’t make us feel rushed or panicked. Instead, she was calm, composed, and very professional. She brought along a day assistance, Miley, that helped my husband and his groomsmen make sure they were staying on track and ready when we it was time to leave. Amy had planned for Miley to be at the wedding venue to set up so it would be ready for when guests arrived after the church reception. The wedding ceremony went very smoothly, but it wasn’t until the reception that Amy really became a huge asset again during the day. She made sure that my husband and I were well catered to the entire night and kept us along schedule. Unfortunately, we had some uninvited guests crash our party, but Amy was right on it in making sure that those people were escorted quickly off of the premise. Also, she was very good at reading different situations. She was very aware of the guests and their state of mind along with both husband and myself. She arranged a ride for us at the end of the night so we would make it safely back to our hotel.
I truly hope that all brides consider Amy Varain as your wedding coordinator in Maui. I am an elementary school teacher and am very particular about the kind of people I like to work with. Amy is the most organized person that I worked with out in Maui and our wedding guests raved about her excellency and professionalism as a wedding coordinator. I would highly recommend her to anyone having a destination wedding out in Maui! We loved you Amy! Thank you for all that you did for us! (Tiffany ~ Bride 6.21.2018)




Everyone should be so lucky to have Amy to lean into on their wedding day! She took the reigns and managed multiple tasks, people, vendors, etc. I never felt I had to check up on things as she was moving around with grace and an eagle eye! Everything went as planned and we are beyond thankful for her amazing organizing skills, her creative ideas, her positive mood and care. She checked in with us after the wedding to make sure we were satisfied with her services and she even sent some wonderful pics that the photographer did not get. Did I mention her help in all the pre-wedding planning? My husband and I decided we could handle EVERYTHING and boy were we wrong. Amy knew what questions to ask, gave us practical ideas and timelines, helped with acquiring the trustworthy vendors we needed (also for the rehearsal dinner) and presented things/ideas that were so helpful given we had never organized a wedding before. Leave it to Amy Varain events for all your wedding needs. You will be thrilled and happy you did! Thanks Amy! We are cherishing the memories you helped us dream.




My bride was beside herself when she realized that she could have everything she hoped for on our wedding day. With Amy by our side, we really felt taken care of and pampered as guests of our own wedding. Every detail was taken care of from drinks waiting for us after our ceremony for a toast to water to keep us hydrated throughout our event. She kept us on our timeline but made the night feel seamless and unrehearsed. Thank you Amy for really making our dreams come true. This has been the most memorable start to our new life together as husband and wife. 

Sasha Prince Photography

Wedding Photographer

It was so great to work with you, I love your attentiveness to not only the bride and groom but to their guests as well! You were phenomenal! Mahalo, The Wedding Photographer


EDC Technologies

Corporate client

I have had the pleasure to work with Amy on several events and I am always amazed at how she pulls it all together so easily. She is so organized and detailed. Many times she already thought of every problem that could arise and has a solution ready in the wings. I could not recommend Amy enough for any event small or large. You will not be disappointed. 




I knew Amy was what I needed for my wedding, so I could enjoy and not be stressed. However, I didn’t realize how much I needed Amy until my wedding day. There were things that happened at my wedding that I wasn’t even aware of until after my event was over. Amy handled everything behind the scenes just like I would have except she was able to take care of it without me knowing or having it effect my wedding day. She was a pro and came up with solutions on the fly to have me and my guests thinking my wedding was a flawless event. I realized you hire a wedding planner not for why you think you need them, but for actually all the things about weddings that you don’t know could happen. The experience a planner brings to your wedding is intangible to getting the results of the stress-free flawless event of your dreams. I am forever grateful for Amy Varain Weddings for the flawless event memories I have of my wedding day. 

Event Chair



I couldn't have better things to say about working with Amy. Throughout the planning process, Amy was organized, resourceful, and budget minded. Event Chair, 2016 HHFF

Text from Groom


Day after wedding

Groom: Mahalo Amy for all of your help in making our day exactly what we envisioned.  So many people loved you.  Take Care. Aloha!

Text from Bride


Day after wedding

Text from Bride a few days after wedding: Mahalo Amy for all of your help!!!! It was perfect and everything I dreamed of.  And everyone loved you!  Your hard work and professionalism is appreciated.  Take Care (heart)


Keiki Zone Chair

HHFF 2016

Gratitude!  I will never be able to convey how much I appreciate all the work you did for the keiki zone.  You are fabulous, creative and a bit OCD - and I love it!  The prize booth was the most brilliant idea ever!  So was having the spin it game right next to it.  The kids were all so excited to keep spinning to get the most amount of tickets possible to spend at the prize booth.  It was so much fun to watch.  Thanks for making it all so simple to run.  Awesome, awesome working with you!! Bronwyn - Keiki Zone Chair - Haiku Hoolaulea 2016




Wedded Bliss:  I love seeing all those pictures.. It makes me remember how overjoyed I was with all you had done to make my day sooo very very perfect!!! It was exactly what I wanted but BETTER!! thank god for you... I will always remember that day!! xoxo Vikki Wright-Hammoudeh


Events client

Amy has done a few events for my family and also the company I work for. She makes everything seem so easy! I love her spirit and her willingness to go above and beyond than what is expected. She coordinated my bridal shower and helped with my wedding. I felt like a guest at my own event. I am not one to be the star of the show and she made me feel very comfortable and I really enjoyed both events with no anxiety. Thank you Amy for making our events so special and rememberable! -April

Mother of the Groom



I just had to write a review as I was blown away at the attentiveness Amy gave my Daughter in law and my son at their wedding. From the beginning of the wedding rehearsal to the end of the wedding day she made us all feel so stress free and taken care of as she made sureeverything went as planned. I couldn’t have imagined this wedding without her by our family’s side, Thank you Amy for making this day, one we will cherish forever. -Mother of the Groom

Katie S.


October Wedding

October Wedding: :  Thank you so much Amy!  You did amazing and we all loved you!  Katie Stalter

Jim Ashby


2-day Conference


Company Conference:  I wish our company conference was more than a day and a half.  It was so nice staying at the location of the conference.  The venue, the food, the conference agenda and presentation was way beyond my expectations.  Jim Ashby



Bachlorette Party

Just wanted to formally say thank you for this awesome weekend.  It was seriously so much fun!  It opened my eyes to the awesomeness of bachelorette parties!  Or, as you pointed out, we could do a fun girls' weekend like that for any occasion!  But it was obvious that you put a lot of planning and effort into it and I just thought you pulled it off amazingly.  Thanks again  :)  -Kalen


Noble Chef Chair


Amy! Dear Amy!  

Wow! You are an incredible person.  I've really enjoyed the opportunity to work together, and The Noble Chef Committee has been SO lucky to have you.  I have so much admiration and appreciation for your smarts, creativity and vision.  

Mahalo nui loa, Sara,  Noble Chef 2012

Susan Bendon & Jennifer Oberg

Co-Chairs Noble Chef


Dear Amy, 

What a great supporter and team member you are!  Your creative ideas and your hours of work on the table gifts are enourmously appreciated!  Thank you so much for your help.  We know how busy you are!  

With gratitude, Susan Bendon & Jennifer Oberg,  Co-Chairs 2013 Noble Chef

Ray T.

Noble Chef Head Master


Dear Amy,

Thank you for your inspiring support and generosity.  We are inspired by leaders like you in the Maui Community. 

Best Wishes, Ray T, Noble Chef 2013

Jennifer Oberg

Co-Chair Noble Chef


Dearest Amy,

What would we have done without YOU on the Noble Chef committee?  You were such an asset this year - WOW!  Your ideas to showcase the students were so fantastic and fun.  They really receivved the attention they deserved, so wonderful! You have a precious heart and have been a joy to work with!

All the best to you and warm Aloha, Jen, Noble Chef 2013

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