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YOUR STRESS-FREE WEDDING STARTS HERE! Before you make any decisions, or book that wedding venue, find your wedding planner first! We are here to look out for YOU! Every decision you make will greatly affect the outcome of your wedding and your overall budget.  Amy Varain Weddings knows how much an overall wedding costs and all the questions to ask your top venue choices and favorite vendors so you can confidently book knowing that your are making the best decisions for your wedding vision.  We want you to feel confident, relaxed and stress free, while we partner with you to plan your wedding day from start to finish.  



TIP: All Clients benefit with our Wedding Management package however we find our clients get the most value of our knowledge, expertise and cost-savings ideas with our Partial and Full Service Planning and Design Packages.



You're probably more familiar with the name "Day-of Coordination," but truthfully, that doesn't really exist.  And you won't find it here as we don't offer it.  But keep reading...

WEDDING MANAGEMENT is for those of you that are organized and excited to plan your wedding yourselves and are good at checking everything off the list. The execution of your wedding day is where a Wedding Manager is a necessity so that none of those little important details are missed as you near the finish line - and most of all for those of you that love the idea of enjoying your special day worry and stress-free, as a VIP guest at your wedding (while we take care of the rest!) We understand that you don't plan a wedding every day, but we do...and are here to guide you with our expertise and love of wedding planning throughout the process.

ONCE WE BEGIN, you will have unlimited email access to Amy and her Aisle Planner software. We start with our first onboarding zoom call within the first 2 weeks of signing to give you all the tools you need to plan your wedding successfully from start to finish. At this time we give you the same tips and wedding secrets we give all our full service clients. You then put together your creative vendor team and decide on all the details from design to decor.  Sixty days before your big day, once the planning starts to heat up, we jump in to de-stress you by learning everything we need to know about you and your wedding vision with our second zoom call from the comforts of our own homes. We make sure you covered everything in your planning process and help fill in all of the little, yet important details, you may have forgotten along the way. (the things you didn't know you needed to know, but we know, cause we have planned a gazillion weddings)

LEADING UP TO WEDDING DAY, we schedule and attend your final venue walkthru with you to help visualize your wedding plans in the space. We also coordinate your wedding rehearsal so everyone is prepared for wedding day and your family and bridal party have an opportunity to get to know me as your wedding planner so you can be off duty on your wedding day. When your wedding day arrives, we will help execute all your ideas/wedding plans and oversee all the details while you are off getting ready to walk down the aisle like a rockstar. We will gracefully organize and manage your wedding day for you (you won't believe how much we do on wedding day for you. It's a real challenge that we love to take on for you, so you or you family does not have to worry or stress!)  We want you to truly be a VIP guest at your own wedding, creating memorable memories for the rest of your life.  We can't imagine a wedding day without a wedding planner!

Because our Wedding Management services are much more comprehensive and robust than most, we only take on a limited number of Wedding Management clients per year.

CONTACT US HERE, to schedule your FREE consultation to see if we are the right fit for you!

For more information check out our FAQ Page

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast where Amy explains why you hire a wedding planner and how AVW let's you be a guest at your own wedding!





With Full Service or Partial Service Wedding Planning & Design you get all the benefits of our Wedding Management plus we go on the wedding planning & design journey with you. From start to finish we are there to guide you every step of the way. If you are planning a wedding weekend at your venue (overnight stay) then we require one of the planning packages below, as there are a lot of moving parts involved and these packages allow enough planning time for us to help you plan all the extra elements a wedding weekend entails. When they say a wedding planner saves you their weight in worth... these packages are where you will get the most value of our knowledge, expertise and cost savings ideas throughout your entire wedding planning process.  We like to say...AVW fairy godmother = priceless! 


~ PARTIAL PLANNING:(MOST POPULAR PACKAGE): We add 10 hours of focused planning to wedding management which includes an additional venue visit to help you design and plan your wedding layout, table scapes and all the pretty details. Once we have the layout we visit the rental company to play with table scapes to visually see what your tables will look like with place settings and napkins and other possible rental add-ons to bring your wedding vision to life. With our expertise we give you ideas and suggestions to make decisions so you can focus on all the details with ease and creativity.  We also help you decide where you need floral and decor elements that make the most impactful impressions for your design and budget. If you are planning a weekend wedding this package allows us time to look at all elements of your weekend for timeline, design and multiple events.    

~ FULL PLANNING:  We add 30 hours of focused planning to wedding management, which includes all the design and layout elements from partial planning and all the time you need to guide you in choosing style, attire, color palette, an amazing venue and vendor team for you and your budget, lodging and transportation needs for you and your guests, plan multiple wedding weekend events and all things wedding that you need with us by your side. With AVW, we don't take over and plan your wedding for you...That is just not our style!  Instead we stand by your side as your bestie and guide you from start to finish, with no biased opinion, only support and expert advice to plan your wedding like an pro!  We want you involved and making the right decisions all the way thru. And that is why couples choose full planning!  They understand that with an expert wedding planner by their side they can plan their wedding of their dreams with ease and grace! We love the whole process of wedding planning and can't wait to go on your wedding journey with you!


I like to say there are "No Rules" when it comes to wedding planning. We help you create a wedding experience for your guests and memorable memories for the rest of your life.

Whether you are just getting started or have already booked a few members of your vendor team, we can help! 

Full Service and Partial Service Wedding Planning & Design services is an add-on to our Wedding Management pacakge and fees are entirely custom, based on where you are on your journey and what you need.


CONTACT US HERE, to schedule your FREE consultation so we can talk about your wedding to see how we can help you!

For more information check out our FAQ Page

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast where Amy explains why you hire a wedding planner and how AVW let's you be a guest at your own wedding!



Maui Beach Wedding

Does Palm trees swaying with an ocean view, or snow-capped mountains with nature at your doorstep, or a weekend getaway at a french inspired chateau or vineyard estate excite you?  Then a destination wedding may be what you are envisioning for your wedding experience.  I am seeing more and more couples wanting to plan an experience, one they can enjoy together with their friends and family.  We have helped our couples plan weddings in Maui, Hawaii; Lake Tahoe; Forest Hill; El Dorado County; Sacramento, Sonoma County and more... and what they all have in common is our clients are all traveling to their destination wedding from somewhere else in the world.  We are lucky to have worked with clients in Alaska, Canada and the USA and have mastered the destination wedding planning process so you can feel confident and stress-free on your wedding day.

We understand the stress of planning a wedding from afar and the feeling of helplessness as you plan sight unseen. We have the knowledge of the wedding industry standards and expectations to assist in vendor selection, review your contracts, help you ask the right questions and come your wedding day... organize, execute and manage your wedding day to bring it all to life. We give you the confidence to plan your destination wedding with us by your side guiding you every step of the way... all the way to "I Do". All our planning packages are available for destination weddings near or far! 


CONTACT US HERE, to schedule your FREE consultation to discuss how we can assist you in planning the perfect destination wedding!

For more information check out our FAQ Page

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast where Amy explains why you hire a wedding planner and how AVW let's you be a guest at your own wedding!

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